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Instructions for Using Your PrepaidOnline.com 3-in-1 IP Services
» Buy a PIN and Use it for PC-to-Phone, Web Call-Back and SMS Call-Back. IP 3-in-1 from PrepaidOnline.com!

Select a Service Below for Detailed Instructions

  • PC-to-Phone Instructions
  • Web Call-Back Instructions
  • SMS Call-Back Instructions

    Web Call-Back Instructions

    STEP 1: On the 'Web Trigger Page' - enter your Batch # followed by your PIN # (no spaces)
    STEP 2: Enter the phone number you are at in the origination field
    STEP 3: Enter the phone number you want to call in the destination field
    STEP 4: Then, simply click "Call Now" button to connect the two telephone #'s.

    SMS Callback Instructions

    Send all SMS Requests to either +447797803066 + 447781484001 or +27831421494 (Depending on your location) We highly suggest you add this number to your cell phone contact list for easier use.

    Create a text message with the following information: CALL [phone_number] [batch ID+pin] where [phone_number] is the number to dial and [pin] is your pin number. US phone calls must be prefixed with a 1.  Don't put brackets in the message.

    For example, to call (512) 555-0001 with a BATCH ID 11111 and PIN 9991234567890 you would enter:
    CALL 15125550001    111119991234567890

    Once you have sent your message, within a few of seconds your phone will ring, and the second party will be connected.
    To make a call from your mobile phone, you only need to send an SMS with the word “Call” and the phone number you are trying to reach

    Example SMS: CALL [telephone number]

    A few seconds after your SMS is sent, your phone will ring and you will be connected to the indicated number!

    Please note that you must always send the telephone number in international format with no spaces.

    As it is less expensive to create a connection to a landline, SMS passes those savings on to you in the form of lower per minute charges.
    Normally you pay expensive fees to receive calls to your mobile while abroad; by instructing PrepaidOnline.com to make its initial call back to a landline close to you (i.e. a hotel, or office) these roaming charges are avoided!

    Example SMS: CALL [telephone number]@[your alternate number]

    click here.

    You can check your PIN balance at any time. Just send an SMS with the following text:

    Example SMS: BALANCE

    SMS Mobile allows you to check calling rates to anywhere in the world. Simply send an SMS to the following text:

    Example SMS: RATE [telephone number]

    Or, if you want to check the rate from your alternate number:

    Example SMS: RATE [telephone number]@[your alternate number]

    To make it even easier and faster, we have built in an address book function that allows you to save a telephone number with a name.

    When you use SMS to call a number, you only need to add a “-” and a name after the number (please make sure that the name is one word with no spaces). The next time you call, you only need to use the name!

    Saving the number:
    Example SMS: CALL [telephone number] - [name]

    Using the saved name:
    Example SMS: CALL JOHN

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